Our Sister Schools

A sister school partnership is a meaningful, reciprocal and sustainable long-term partnership between two schools aimed at fulfilling a range of purposes as determined by the school communities.

Sister school partnerships aims to broaden students awareness of the world around them and foster life-changing educational opportunities at home and abroad.

Sister school partnerships aims include:

  • broadening students’ perspectives
  • developing students’ intercultural understanding
  • enhancing student language learning
  • contributing to a whole school program of internationalization
  • building teacher capacity

The opportunity to develop a sister school partnership is open to any school.

Wagaman Primary Maubara Primary
Nemarluk Primary Centro Recursos da Educação Inclusivo (CREI) Aileu
Karama Primary Delta Primary
Wulagi Primary Maulau Primary
Katherine School of the air Esperanca da Patria
Casuarina Street Escola Filial Railaku